Cats – we’ve all either had one or known someone who has had one. They’re the cute little furry animal that we all love to pet. For the most part, they’re very friendly and social creatures.

They’re also very independent creatures, which is why people are often drawn to cats rather than dogs. Cats don’t require much attention at all – put out some food, water, a scratching post, and a litter box and that’s realistically all your cat needs.

Of course, we all want to do way more than the minimum for our cats. Petting them and playing with them are some of the more fun activities that you can do!

Your cat loves this too!

There are some ways in which your cat does communicate what they want to do.

One of the more common ones is when a cat meows. This is because they want attention immediately. The meow is often in conjunction with some other form of behavior that will more specifically demonstrate what the cat is looking to accomplish.

An example would be a meow when they’re by the outside door. This would give you indication that they want to go outside. The reverse of that would be a meow when they’re outside of the door, meaning they’ll want to come inside.

Cats also make noises when they’re scared or want to intimidate. This noise is referred to as the hiss. When a cat hisses at you, you’re going to want to leave it alone. The next thing that will follow a hiss is a scratch with the cat’s sharp claws. Being scratched by a cat isn’t any fun at all.

Cats will also walk up to a human and rub their body on the human. This is so the cat’s scent can be placed onto the human. It’s the equivalent of a dog lifting their leg to mark their territory.