Squirrels are one of the most common types of animals that you will see in the continental United States. They are literally everywhere – whether you’re in the city or a rural area, you’re going to see some squirrels.

This is because squirrels are one of the most adaptive species on Earth. Think about it – it takes one heck of an animal to be able to live in both New York City and the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska.

Squirrels are able to adapt so well due to their ancestral history. Squirrels have been dated as far back as the Eocene, making them one of the oldest living species still on this planet. While squirrels are most native to the Americas and Europe, they have recently been introduced to Australia.

As we all know, Australia has a very sensitive ecosphere; so the decision to bring squirrels in was not taken lightly.

Squirrels typically breed a couple of times per year, with the number of offspring being born varying. Variable factors include the climate in which the offspring are being born in and the amount of resources that the parent squirrels have. If the squirrels live in a climate where there are a lot of predators, then the parents are going to produce more offspring. The reason for this is because the squirrels know that not all of their children are going to make it. In order to give the species the best chance of surviving, they need to produce many children.

Squirrels are also one of the more social animals on the planet. If you walk into a more urban environment, such as a city, you’ll notice that squirrels are impervious to humans and cars wandering around them. Squirrels also have no problem going up to humans in order to retrieve food.

Squirrels are truly incredible creatures that definitely do not get enough recognition for their intelligence.